September 18, 2019
Frank Magliato

Clients often describe Frank Magliato as a businessman with great skill. He is not only qualified to identify the most unique and profitable business opportunities available, he has also shown himself to be capable of getting the best results, time and time again. He has also shown himself to be capable of acting on the best business opportunities at the most opportune time for his clients. That is possibly because Frank can see each such opportunity from a variety of angles. In short, Frank Magliato has a reputation for being able to make any situation work for everyone involved, including clients and even himself.

Much of Frank Magliato’s immense talent undoubtedly comes out of his long career experience, which includes more than three decades of making both public and private equity transactions in all sorts of diverse areas, including telecom, real estate development, retail, mining and technology. Frank Magliato has plenty of education in his background, as well, having earned an engineering degree from Rensselaer Polytechnic Institute and a business degree from New York University.